Puneet Dixit



Puneet Dixit is a Award winning author, Meditation teacher and Holistic Life Coach. He comes from a holistic spiritual background in India born in the lineage of one of the Seven Vedic Sages Rishi Bhardwaj. He studied Yoga and Vedanta since early childhood from her Grandmother who was a Vedic and Sanskrit scholar and specialises in teaching people how to connect to their higher self and live in line with their higher purpose.

Puneet understands the principles with which life force energy operates and has created a special programs such as Awaken Your Inner Energy, Peaceful Transformation, From Chaos to Peace etc. These courses combines the best of ancient yogic teachings with the modern scientific and psychological techniques to achieve best of health happiness and harmony in life. With a background in spirituality and a degree in Engineering and MBA he understands the challenges that the common man faces in day to day life and is on a mission to spread unconditional love, abundance and happiness in the lives of people.  Puneet holds certificates in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Life coaching which when combined with his innates gifts of meditation and healing makes acheive results faster and better for his fellow human beings whom he is always ready to serve.