Life Force Energy

The 7 Ultimate Steps On How To Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

 “This book will be of great help to everyone and will inspire many to explore and develop an understanding of their very own life force energy that is with them always, all the time.”

-Raymond Aaron New York Times Bestselling Author

 “A Simple inspiring un-intimidating way to learn about day to day activities thatcreate the BIG results you are seeking.” Life force Energy provides a clear roadmap for taking control of your life, lifestyle and life situations. A fabulous resource for those who want to learn how to make their energy work for them rather than against them.

-John Lee Co-Founder Wealth Dragons

“It has helped me manage my stress and also stay more focussed. Meditation has helped improve my overall productivity. I will recommend Puneet and his meditation techniques to everyone who wants to improve their energy levels and concentration and reduce their stress.”

-Kam Dovedi CEO Premier Portfolio Builder, London


This book tells you how you can live your life the way you want using the most fundamental building blocks of the Universe called Life Force Energy. Using the Life Force Energy Equation described in the book you can clearly find which components of the equation you need to tweak and align so as to achieve your desired purpose and goals. Create your ideal lifestyle using the seven components of Life Force Energy from Food, to Breath, to Meditation to Money. You are a being of energy, and everything around you is also energy, if you believe in this then this book is for you.