Higher Self Coaching

Having born and brought up in the East and worked and lived for more than a decade in the West I have the unique blend and experience in understanding the both the mindsets and how the wisdom from east and the analytical research based approach from the West can be combined to empower our lives. Using integrated coaching techniques from NLP and meditational practices from Yoga I can help you find direction and meaning in life so that you can overcome a life situation or achieve more success in your desired endeavor. 

Have you ever felt that you want to move your personal life, business or career forward but are not sure how to? Are you looking for the next “big thing” in your life but are not sure where to turn and what to do next? Maybe you are looking to make some small improvements in certain areas of your life and want proven techniques to assist you? With an integrated holistic approach I can work with you to remove the  blockages that are stopping you from achieving success and put you on a path of greater fullfillment, empowerment and happiness.

You have the power within you to get the happiness, relationship, success, health or indeed any other life improvement that you want, and we would love to show you how. In an uplifting environment, you will be inspired to realise your potential, release unwanted habits of thought and move into well-being on all subjects.

What can I expect from Holistic Life Coaching?

✓A safe, non-judgemental atmosphere which allows you to clarify their own individual goals & intentions and talk freely and openly.

✓Work with you yo identify Self-imposed limitations and offer you gentle, intuitive guidance and energy healing to rise above these limitations.

✓Create a bespoke programme of  meditations, breathing excercises and energy movements tailored to your unique desires and goals.

✓Use proven techniques from modalities of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to improve your mindset.

✓Online coaching is available anywhere in the world via Skype.