Awaken Your Inner Energy

Harness the inner cosmic energy that is available in full abundance free of cost all the time. Awaken your chakras the energy powerhouses present in your subtle body to allow this energy to flow freely and make your life beautiful, complete and successful at all levels. The book presents a comprehensive view on what Chakras are and how they affect our day to day life. It provides tools and techniques to keep the chakras open, balanced and in good health. It includes techniques recommended by ancient Yogic traditions and confirmed by modern science to have an impact on our emotional, mental and physical well being.

Secrets from Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Yoga is said to not only aid to your good posture but also for your transformation as a whole. A great sage, Patanjali has laid out the Patanjali Yoga Sutra which was written in Sanskrit centuries ago. It is a kind of map that suggests that it is not only meditation and asana that you need but also you need some behaviors and attitudes to help you chart out you own course to contentment. The book reveals some of his lesser known secrets that are bound to take your life to new levels of peace, serenity and happiness along your Yoga journey.

50 Tips on Higher Self Living

SImple but highly effective Tips to improve your daily living, start your inward journey and connect you to your higher self. Practicing each tip will take you closer to your inner being where your higher self lives and allow your higher self to express your true nature, true capabilities and true calling in the outside world. This will dramatically change your life making it inside out free from the distractions and influences of the world bringing a sense of peace, inner control and happiness all around you.