Awaken Your Inner Energy

7 Steps to Health ! Happiness !! Harmony !!!

Close your eyes and imagine a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious life, all around You.

Now, open your eyes and smile – all of this is available just around the corner. Whether you’re looking for Physical Health, Emotional Well Being, or Harmonious relationships… 

​Awakening to Your Inner Energy will take you there!!

In this 7 week Home Study Course you will learn:​​

What are your 7 Energy Centres and how there optimum health governs almost every area of your life.

How you can awaken and take care of these Energy centres called Chakras.

Yoga postures that maximise the flow of Energy into your Chakras.

Hand Postures or Mudras that control the movement of Energy in your body.

Meditation to release the blockages in the Chakras.

Affirmations to strengthen your Mental body.

Morning journaling to release your emotional garbage.​

And Much More…..