Welcome to Higher Self Yoga, for meditation and techniques to connect to you Higher Self.

To birds eternal companions perch on the same tree one up high and other on a lower branch. One eats many fruits of various tastes. The other only witnesses without tasting. Sweet fruit makes the bird feel life is pleasurable. Bitter fruits makes her feel life is pain. Disappointed with pleasure and pain she finally looks up to the bird on the higher branch who is ever blissful and wishes to merge with it only to realise it was her own self all the time…. 

Mundaka Upanishada 3.1.1

We in this human birth are the expression of divinity and infinite wisdom is dormant within us. All this becomes available to us as we clear the blockages and establish connection with our higher self. Once this connection is established we start receiving direction and clarity to our purpose in life, what we are here to do, what primary energies at soul level did we choose to incarnate with in our life and life starts flowing smoothly. Any YOGA in its truest sense is the union of our human self with the higher levels of reality and consciousness. All traditions of yoga eventually take you towards this path of union with your higher self and eventually infinite consiousness where you become one with the universe and realise that you yourself are the universe. Here we present to you a selection of advanced Yoga practices, healing, clearings and activations to activate the dormant divine you.