7 Day Chakra Detox

Your Chakras hold the key to the physical, emotional, and mental Well Being you are looking for. These are energy vortices present in your energy body, or pranic body. Each chakra is vibrating at a particular frequency and brings in the energy of a particular vibration into our physical, emotional and energy body. The chaos in the mind and hence life is the result of the blockages stored in the Chakras. As we detoxify the Chakras and release these blockages one by one we start to experience the flow of positive emotions, positive energy and positive thoughts.

This 7 day detoxification course teaches you in a step by step way about :- 

  • Each of your chakras, their location, their anatomy, role and relevance in your life.
  • How the chakras get blocked and why it is important to have healthy and open chakras.
  • How you can detoxify the chakras and keep them healthy, active and open.
  • Why your relationships will not work until the stored blockages in the relevant chakras are not removed. 
  • Why intuitive decisions are the best decisions and how you can activate your intuition using chakras.
  • How you can take charge of your career and prosperity by working on specific chakras.
  • How your endocrine system which is key to your physical health is linked to the Chakra system.
  • How you can tap into the cosmic energy for overall health and happiness. A healthy energy body leads to a healthy physical body and disease is actually a disturbance in the ease of flow in energy in a particular area/organ.

In this course you will receive: 

  • HD Videos explaining the importance of each Chakra and its influence on your physical, emotional and mental well being.
  • State of the Art Guided Meditations that work on each of your chakras. Using a combination of Beej Mantras, Breathing, Visualisation and Relaxation these powerful unique meditations instantly start Detoxifying your chakras and release the toxins and psychic debris stored in them.
  • HD Videos teaching you specific yoga postures which activate the flow of life force energy into each of your Chakras.Thes are selected simple to do highly effective yoga postures that balance your energy and open up the Chakras for detoxification and activation.
  • Highly effective Affirmations to strengthen and reprogram each Chakra for positive energy.
  • Selfoggio frequencies, the most powerful healing sound frequencies discovered match the vibration of each chakra and have a profound affect on detoxification and healing of your Chakras.
  • And Much More…..