3 Wheels of love and harmony

The Yogic Way to heal your relationship with your self and with the world. Release the psychic debris that is clogging your mind, the past experiences that are influencing your thoughts and decisions. These emotional blockages are stored in the chakras, depending on the frequency of the emotional disturbance the matching chakra gets blocked. These emotional blockages clog the flow of energy into the chakra which in turn blocks the flow of positive thoughts, positive feelings and positive actions thereby blocking your overall growth.

  • You will learn why Healthy Chakras are vital to healthy relationships and which chakras you need to work on in order to maximise your ability to have harmonious relationships in your life. 
  • Single truth about relationships and that Relationships are key to success and happiness in life be it at home or at work or with your friends. 
  • You will learn how you can tap into the cosmic energy to create healthy and happy relationships with yourself and all those around you.